Struct moxie_dom::elements::table::ColgroupBuilder[][src]

#[must_use = "needs to be built"]pub struct ColgroupBuilder { /* fields omitted */ }

The HTML <colgroup> element defines a group of columns within a table.

A type for initializing the element’s attributes before calling build.


impl ColgroupBuilder[src]

pub fn span(self, to_set: impl ToString) -> Self[src]

This attribute contains a positive integer indicating the number of consecutive columns the <colgroup> element spans. If not present, its default value is 1.

Note: This attribute is applied on the attributes of the column group, it has no effect on the CSS styling rules associated with it or, even more, to the cells of the column’s members of the group.

The span attribute is not permitted if there are one or more <col> elements within the <colgroup>.

Trait Implementations

impl ElementBuilder for ColgroupBuilder[src]

impl<E> EventTarget<E> for ColgroupBuilder where
    E: GlobalEvent

impl GlobalEventHandler for ColgroupBuilder[src]

impl HtmlElementBuilder for ColgroupBuilder[src]

impl NodeBuilder for ColgroupBuilder[src]

type Output = Colgroup

The type of the DOM node

fn build(self) -> Colgroup[src]

Initialize the element with all of the attributes so far.

impl NodeWrapper for ColgroupBuilder[src]

impl Parent<Col> for ColgroupBuilder[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl !RefUnwindSafe for ColgroupBuilder

impl !Send for ColgroupBuilder

impl !Sync for ColgroupBuilder

impl Unpin for ColgroupBuilder

impl !UnwindSafe for ColgroupBuilder

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