Trait moxie_dom::interfaces::event_target::EventTarget[][src]

pub trait EventTarget<Ev>: NodeWrapper where
    Ev: 'static + Event
{ fn on(self, callback: impl FnMut(Ev) + 'static) -> Self { ... } }
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EventTarget is a DOM interface implemented by objects that can receive events and may have listeners for them.

Element, Document, and Window are the most common event targets, but other objects can be event targets, too. For example XMLHttpRequest, AudioNode, AudioContext, and others.

Many event targets (including elements, documents, and windows) also support setting event handlers via onevent properties and attributes.

Note: this trait cannot be implemented outside of this crate.

Provided methods

Declare an event handler on the element.

A guard value is stored as a resulting “effect” of the mutation, and removes the attribute when dropped, to ensure that the attribute is removed when this declaration is no longer referenced in the most recent (moxie::Revision).

Currently this is performed on every Revision, as changes to event handlers don’t typically affect the debugging experience and have not yet shown up in performance profiles.