[][src]Struct moxie_dom::elements::interactive::DialogBuilder

#[must_use = "needs to be built"]pub struct DialogBuilder { /* fields omitted */ }

The HTML <dialog> element represents a dialog box or other interactive component, such as an inspector or window.

A type for initializing the element's attributes before calling build.


impl DialogBuilder[src]

pub fn build(self) -> Dialog[src]

Initialize the element with all of the attributes so far.

impl DialogBuilder[src]

pub fn open(self, to_set: bool) -> Self[src]

Indicates that the dialog is active and can be interacted with. When the open attribute is not set, the dialog shouldn't be shown to the user.

Trait Implementations

impl ElementBuilder for DialogBuilder[src]

impl<E> EventTarget<E> for DialogBuilder where
    E: GlobalEvent

impl GlobalEventHandler for DialogBuilder[src]

impl HtmlElementBuilder for DialogBuilder[src]

impl NodeWrapper for DialogBuilder[src]

impl<Child> Parent<Child> for DialogBuilder where
    Child: FlowContent

Auto Trait Implementations

impl !RefUnwindSafe for DialogBuilder[src]

impl !Send for DialogBuilder[src]

impl !Sync for DialogBuilder[src]

impl Unpin for DialogBuilder[src]

impl !UnwindSafe for DialogBuilder[src]

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