Trait moxie_dom::interfaces::node::NodeWrapper[][src]

pub trait NodeWrapper: Memoized + Sized {
    fn raw_node_that_has_sharp_edges_please_be_careful(&self) -> &Node { ... }
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Node is an interface from which various types of DOM API objects inherit, allowing those types to be treated similarly; for example, inheriting the same set of methods, or being testable in the same way.

Note: this trait cannot be implemented outside of this crate and is not intended for direct use in most cases. See the crate::interfaces::element, module and its siblings, as well as the Parent and Child traits in this module.

Provided methods

Retrieves access to the raw HTML element underlying the (CachedNode).

Because this offers an escape hatch around the memoized mutations, it should be used with caution. Also because of this, it has a silly name intended to loudly announce that care must be taken.

Code called by the root function of your application will be run quite frequently and so the tools for memoization are important for keeping your application responsive. If you have legitimate needs for this API, please consider filing an issue with your use case so the maintainers of this crate can consider “official” ways to support it.