[][src]Module moxie_dom::prelude

A module for glob-importing the most commonly used moxie-dom items.


pub use augdom::sys;
pub use crate::elements::html;
pub use crate::elements::html;
pub use crate::interfaces::content_categories::EmbeddedContent as _;
pub use crate::interfaces::content_categories::FlowContent as _;
pub use crate::interfaces::content_categories::FormAssociatedContent as _;
pub use crate::interfaces::content_categories::HeadingContent as _;
pub use crate::interfaces::content_categories::InteractiveContent as _;
pub use crate::interfaces::content_categories::LabelableContent as _;
pub use crate::interfaces::content_categories::ListedContent as _;
pub use crate::interfaces::content_categories::MetadataContent as _;
pub use crate::interfaces::content_categories::PhrasingContent as _;
pub use crate::interfaces::content_categories::ResettableContent as _;
pub use crate::interfaces::content_categories::SectioningContent as _;
pub use crate::interfaces::content_categories::SubmittableContent as _;
pub use crate::interfaces::element::Element as _;
pub use crate::interfaces::event_target::EventTarget as _;
pub use crate::interfaces::global_events::GlobalEvent as _;
pub use crate::interfaces::global_events::GlobalEventHandler as _;
pub use crate::interfaces::html_element::HtmlElement as _;
pub use crate::interfaces::node::Node as _;
pub use crate::interfaces::node::Parent as _;
pub use crate::text::text;



Event types.


topo creates a hierarchy of nested scopes represented as stable identifiers referring to the function callgraph.



Accepts an XML-like expression and expands it to builder method calls.



A Key offers access to a state variable. The key allows reads of the state variable through a snapshot taken when the Key was created. Writes are supported with Key::update and Key::set.



A value which implements a subset of the web's document object model.



Returns the current document. Panics if called outside a web document context.


Memoizes init at this callsite, cloning a cached Stored if it exists and Arg is the same as when the stored value was created.


Root a state variable at this callsite, returning a Key to the state variable. Re-initializes the state variable if the capture arg changes.


Memoizes the provided function, caching the intermediate Stored value in memoization storage and only re-initializing it if Arg has changed since the cached value was created. Regardless of prior cached results, with is then called in to produce a return value.


Runs the provided expression once per topo::Id. The provided value will always be cloned on subsequent calls unless dropped from storage and reinitialized in a later Revision.


Memoizes expr once at the callsite. Runs with on every iteration.


Root a state variable at this callsite, returning a Key to the state variable.