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A module for glob-importing all element creation functions, similar to the global HTML namespace.


pub use super::body;
pub use super::embedding::embed;
pub use super::embedding::iframe;
pub use super::embedding::object;
pub use super::embedding::param;
pub use super::embedding::picture;
pub use super::embedding::source;
pub use super::forms::button;
pub use super::forms::datalist;
pub use super::forms::fieldset;
pub use super::forms::form;
pub use super::forms::input;
pub use super::forms::label;
pub use super::forms::legend;
pub use super::forms::meter;
pub use super::forms::optgroup;
pub use super::forms::option;
pub use super::forms::output;
pub use super::forms::progress;
pub use super::forms::select;
pub use super::forms::textarea;
pub use super::html;
pub use super::html;
pub use super::interactive::details;
pub use super::interactive::dialog;
pub use super::interactive::menu;
pub use super::interactive::summary;
pub use super::media::area;
pub use super::media::audio;
pub use super::media::img;
pub use super::media::map;
pub use super::media::track;
pub use super::media::video;
pub use super::metadata::base;
pub use super::metadata::head;
pub use super::metadata::link;
pub use super::metadata::meta;
pub use super::metadata::style;
pub use super::metadata::title;
pub use super::scripting::canvas;
pub use super::scripting::noscript;
pub use super::scripting::script;
pub use super::sectioning::address;
pub use super::sectioning::article;
pub use super::sectioning::aside;
pub use super::sectioning::footer;
pub use super::sectioning::h1;
pub use super::sectioning::h2;
pub use super::sectioning::h3;
pub use super::sectioning::h4;
pub use super::sectioning::h5;
pub use super::sectioning::h6;
pub use super::sectioning::header;
pub use super::sectioning::hgroup;
pub use super::sectioning::main;
pub use super::sectioning::nav;
pub use super::sectioning::section;
pub use super::table::caption;
pub use super::table::col;
pub use super::table::colgroup;
pub use super::table::table;
pub use super::table::tbody;
pub use super::table::td;
pub use super::table::tfoot;
pub use super::table::th;
pub use super::table::thead;
pub use super::table::tr;
pub use super::text_content::blockquote;
pub use super::text_content::dd;
pub use super::text_content::div;
pub use super::text_content::dl;
pub use super::text_content::dt;
pub use super::text_content::figcaption;
pub use super::text_content::figure;
pub use super::text_content::hr;
pub use super::text_content::li;
pub use super::text_content::ol;
pub use super::text_content::p;
pub use super::text_content::pre;
pub use super::text_content::ul;
pub use super::text_semantics::a;
pub use super::text_semantics::abbr;
pub use super::text_semantics::b;
pub use super::text_semantics::bdi;
pub use super::text_semantics::bdo;
pub use super::text_semantics::br;
pub use super::text_semantics::cite;
pub use super::text_semantics::code;
pub use super::text_semantics::data;
pub use super::text_semantics::del;
pub use super::text_semantics::dfn;
pub use super::text_semantics::em;
pub use super::text_semantics::i;
pub use super::text_semantics::ins;
pub use super::text_semantics::kbd;
pub use super::text_semantics::mark;
pub use super::text_semantics::q;
pub use super::text_semantics::rb;
pub use super::text_semantics::rp;
pub use super::text_semantics::rt;
pub use super::text_semantics::rtc;
pub use super::text_semantics::ruby;
pub use super::text_semantics::s;
pub use super::text_semantics::samp;
pub use super::text_semantics::small;
pub use super::text_semantics::span;
pub use super::text_semantics::strong;
pub use super::text_semantics::sub;
pub use super::text_semantics::sup;
pub use super::text_semantics::time;
pub use super::text_semantics::u;
pub use super::text_semantics::var;
pub use super::text_semantics::wbr;