Trait augdom::testing::TargetExt[][src]

pub trait TargetExt {
    fn key(&self, key: Key<'_>);
fn event<E>(&self, event: E)
        E: Event
; fn click(&self) { ... }
fn keyboardln(&self, contents: &str) { ... }
fn keyboard(&self, contents: &str) { ... }
fn enter(&self) { ... }
fn blur(&self) { ... } }
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Convenience methods for dispatching events to targets, primarily useful for testing.

Required methods

Emit a pair of keydown/keyup events with key.

Dispatch the given event to this target.

Provided methods

Dispatch a click event to the target.

“Type” the provided text followed by the <Enter> key.

“Type” the provided text.

“Press” the <Enter> key.

Dismiss the target, causing it to lose focus.