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augdom provides an “augmented DOM” implementation that can run almost anywhere Rust can. By default the webdom feature is enabled and this crate is a wrapper around web-sys for creating and manipulating HTML elements. See the crate::Dom trait for the provided behavior.

The rsdom feature enables a DOM emulation layer written in pure Rust which can be used for testing or to render HTML strings.

Known Limitations

As of today the <web_sys::Element as Dom>::*_attribute methods will panic if called on a text node. This cost seems appropriate today because this is a dependency for other crates which enforce this requirement themselves. web_sys enforces this restriction statically.


pub use web_sys as sys;


Event types.

An implementation of augdom’s APIs on top of an in-memory emulation of the web’s DOM.

Quoting from DOM Testing Library’s motivations, as this crate’s test utilities are similar in design:

An implementation of augdom’s APIs on top of the actual web using the web-sys crate and wasm-bindgen.


The current document.

Wraps streams of mutation events from a given DOM backend.

Wraps individual mutation records from a given DOM backend.

A Node in the augmented DOM.


A value which implements a subset of the web’s document object model.

A trait for checked and unchecked casting between JS types.


Create a new virtual element as part of a throwaway document. Useful for testing.

Returns the current document. Panics if called outside a valid context.

Wrap the provided root function in a virtual document and ensures that all nodes created within root will create virtual nodes.