[][src]Struct illicit::Snapshot

pub struct Snapshot { /* fields omitted */ }

A point-in-time representation of the implicit environment.


Collecting a Snapshot is useful for debugging:

illicit::Layer::new().offer(5u16).enter(|| {
    println!("{:#?}", illicit::Snapshot::get());

Snapshots can also be converted back into Layers for re-use:

let mut snapshot = None;
illicit::Layer::new().offer(5u16).enter(|| {
    assert_eq!(*illicit::expect::<u16>(), 5);
    snapshot = Some(illicit::Snapshot::get());

illicit::Layer::from(snapshot.unwrap()).enter(|| {
    assert_eq!(*illicit::expect::<u16>(), 5);


impl Snapshot[src]

pub fn get() -> Self[src]

Returns a snapshot of the current context. Suitable for debug printing, or can be converted into a Layer for reuse.

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for Snapshot[src]

impl Debug for Snapshot[src]

impl From<Snapshot> for Layer[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for Snapshot

impl !Send for Snapshot

impl !Sync for Snapshot

impl Unpin for Snapshot

impl UnwindSafe for Snapshot

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