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a lightweight platform-agnostic declarative UI runtime, written in rust

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web crates

moxie-dom moxie-dom main branch docs badge moxie-dom docs badge moxie-dom version badge

a WebAssembly-based library for describing the web's DOM using moxie

(toy) examples

augdom augdom main branch docs badge augdom docs badge augdom version badge

provides an "augmented DOM" implementation that can run almost anywhere Rust can. compiles as either a thin wrapper around web-sys or a DOM emulation layer written in pure Rust which can be used for testing or to render HTML strings.

raf raf main branch docs badge raf docs badge raf version badge

runs an event loop in the browser using requestAnimationFrame

platform-agnostic crates

moxie moxie main branch docs badge moxie docs badge moxie version badge

offers memoization and runtime-coordinated mutable state for presenting interactive interfaces. no platform framework dependencies.

includes the mox! macro, a Mockery Of XML. express nested function calls and builder instantiation using XML-lite syntax

topo topo main branch docs badge topo docs badge topo version badge

create trees of stable identifiers for repeated nested function invocations. allows later calls to "rendezvous" with the results of previous calls at the same location in the tree.

illicit illicit main branch docs badge illicit docs badge illicit version badge

type-indexed scoped-singletons, implicitly propagated as nested environments


the book covers project values, general concepts, information for contributors, etc.

it's a work in progress and very incomplete today.

repository license badge

the project is hosted on github. both the repo and the project chat (below) are covered by an actively enforced code of conduct.


from the repo: "Warning: This is a work in progress and not yet usable for nontrivial applications."

a "webrender-based UI framework with a moxie frontend" which features a "relatively small footprint" and is "targeted towards real world desktop applications."