Function moxie::once_with[][src]

pub fn once_with<Output, Ret>(
    init: impl FnOnce() -> Output,
    with: impl FnOnce(&Output) -> Ret
) -> Ret where
    Output: 'static,
    Ret: 'static, 
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Caches init once in the current topo::CallId. Runs with on every runtime::Revision.


use moxie::{once_with, runtime::RunLoop, testing::CountsClones};
use std::sync::atomic::{AtomicU64, Ordering};

let num_created = AtomicU64::new(0);
let mut rt = RunLoop::new(|| {
    let cached = once_with(
        || {
            num_created.fetch_add(1, Ordering::Relaxed);
        // this makes it equivalent to calling moxie::once(...)
    (num_created.load(Ordering::Relaxed), cached.clone_count())

for i in 1..1_000 {
    let (num_created, num_clones) = rt.run_once();
    assert_eq!(num_created, 1, "the first value is always cached");
    assert_eq!(num_clones, i, "cloned once per revision");

Environment Expectations

This function requires the following types to be visible to illicit::get and will panic otherwise:

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