[][src]Function moxie::load_with

pub fn load_with<Arg: ?Sized, Input, Fut, Output, Ret>(
    arg: &Arg,
    init: impl FnOnce(&Input) -> Fut,
    with: impl FnOnce(&Output) -> Ret
) -> Poll<Ret> where
    Arg: PartialEq<Input> + ToOwned<Owned = Input>,
    Input: Borrow<Arg> + 'static,
    Fut: Future<Output = Output> + 'static,
    Output: 'static,
    Ret: 'static, 

Load a value from the future returned by init whenever capture changes, returning the result of calling with with the loaded value. Cancels the running future after any revision during which this call was not made.

Environment Expectations

This function requires the following types to be visible to illicit::get and will panic otherwise: